With over 30 years of professional experience, CompSci, LLC Founder and CEO Scott Brandt has a wealth of career experiences. One of his favorites was early in his career when he worked at a consulting firm in the telecommunications space. The energy, passion and shared commitment to delivering value for clients left a lasting impression on Scott and served as his inspiration for starting CompSci, a company with a similar mission but a unique vision.

While many of our competitors aim to create a “captive” relationship with their clients in order to keep the revenue flowing, we do the exact opposite. Through our knowledge-transfer partnership model, we strive to provide quick, complete solutions and educate our customers to become self-reliant. Our theory is that the less you need us, the more successful we’ve made you- and ultimately that’s what will keep you coming back.

We work with customers in Healthcare, FinTech, Computing Infrastructure, Telecom, Retail, Oil & Gas, Transportation and Digital Media, and have delivered Distributed Solutions related to web applications, SaaS, IoT and mobile. As a small company, we hold ourselves to a greater standard. We can’t afford not to deliver for our clients.

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